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Haki Vincent is a member of Mossville Environmental Action Now, an environmental justice group fighting for the human right to live in a healthy environment. Mr. Vincent's family has lived in Mossville, Louisiana since the 1800's. But the future of Mossville is threatened by the climate change effect of sea level rise and toxic pollution from the Conoco Phillips oil refinery, the Entergy coal-fired power plant, and several oil-based chemical manufacturing facilities.
In the US, Gulf Region residents are counting on President Obama to take 10 steps on climate change that protect our way of life and future.

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This week, President Obama and the leaders of over 100 nations will hammer out a climate change treaty. The treaty should function like a global insurance policy that curbs
For Rev. Tyronne Edwards, climate change can rob children of a future. He leads the Zion Travelers Cooperative Center in Plaquemines, Louisiana which gives children the opportunity to enjoy and learn about their fragile ecosystem so that they can grow up to make wise decisions.
atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 parts per million and prioritizes protections for communities in the U.S. and around the world that suffer from disastrous climate conditions, like hurricanes and severe drought, and are vulnerable to the harmful effects of climate change and carbon-intensive industries. If we compel our leaders to do what it takes to protect our human right to live in a healthy environment, we can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change effects.

About the 10 Steps for Climate Action

AEHR Policy & Campaign Coordinator Michele Roberts at the Bella Center, where the UN Climate Change Conference is taking place.
In April 2009, AEHR co-sponsored the From Katrina to Copenhagen Forum in New Orleans. The forum brought together Gulf Region residents who are leaders of organizations dedicated to disaster recovery,
Coastal Women for Change Director Sharon Hanshaw and Biloxi Councilman Bill Stallworth work to help families in Biloxi, Mississippi who suffer the effects of internal displacement triggered by Hurricane Katrina.
racial and gender justice, indigenous rights, reproductive justice, environmental justice, renewable energy and energy efficiency, community sustainability, coastal restoration, and water resource preservation. Together, we analyzed the scientific research on climate change. We also discussed how the climate change effect of sea level rise and stronger storms would exacerbate the ongoing erosion
Mr. Felton Billiot, a member of the United Houma Nation, at the annual Elders Festival in Houma, Louisiana. The preservation of indigenous cultural traditions is threatened by oil and gas drilling infrastructure and unsustainable flood control projects that have destroyed coastal lands in the Gulf Region of the United States. Coastal communities are also vulnerable to the climate change effect of sea level rise and stronger storms.
of coastal lands and toxic pollution from carbon-intensive industries that threaten the survival of our communities. AEHR convened follow-up sessions to build consensus on the key elements that must be part of a national and international climate change mitigation and adaptation policy to ensure that, as a practical matter, our communities are safe, healthy, and thriving. The 10 Steps for Climate Action grew out of this process. AEHR has traveled to Copenhagen to advocate for the 10 Steps and build alliances with people around the world at the UN Climate Change Conference.

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